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Page No:1      Date:2014-1-26

Vidharbha Classic - 2014, it was a nice competition and my comeback after injury in bodybuilding, it felt great to give those poses again on stage. All other competitors have improved their physique in past year and most of them are from Nagpur, it’s great to see bodybuilding sport growing in Nagpur, but all the resources that’s needed to be a bodybuilder are getting a lot ... Read More

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 Push-up Tricks

Name : Push-up Tricks
Screenshot : Push-up Tricks
Story :

Push up, jump and clap - the crowd will surely be amazed by your brilliant act! Your goal in this game is to perform as many times of push-ups as you can. Showcase your superior strength and perform brilliant push-up tricks now!

How To Play :

When the game starts, a power gauge will appear on the right of the screen, and an arrow-shaped indicator will be moving up and down. Click your mouse when the indicator moves to the 'push-up' area, and you can perform a push-up. The upper part of the gauge above the indicator will then be temporarily disabled, and the indicator will start moving up from the bottom again. If you click your mouse when the indicator moves to the 'jump' area, you will be able to jump up. You can then click again so as to clap your hands. When the indicator is moving up and down for the very first time, you can click repeatedly to perform consecutive push-ups and receive more points. But note that if you click when the indicator moves to the 'fail' area, you will be exhausted and the game will be over.

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