tips for gym beginners

Gym is a place which has its own culture, different environment, language, terminology, mentality which gym beginners might find it difficult to adjust quickly in a gym. You need to learn so many things to adjust properly in a gym culture.

do you make excuses for not going gym

Introduction Everyone knows going gym keeps us healthy and everyone wants to be healthy but still everyone don’t go gym. We have a word “Excuse” in the dictionary which is widely used when it comes to the question of going gym. So let’s discuss some common excuses made by people for not going gym and […]

why am i going gym

Introduction A person decided to go gym regularly after taking New Year’s resolution for it. But after few day’s of going gym regularly, a question arises in his mind – “Why am I going gym?” The reason behind this is when ever he goes to gym, he got see same faces, same exercises, same workout […]

listen to your body

<h2>Introduction</h2> Your body talks with you? Is it true? Yes, it’s true, but with some kind of signals. You have definitely observed those signals but some times we just ignore them, ignorance is not the solution. If your body wants to say something, listen it carefully as it want to help you. Generally, the communication […]