10 Simple ways for healthy weight gain

10 simple ways for healthy weight gain


If you do a search regarding fat loss on a search engine (google), you will find thousands of web results related to fat loss, hundreds of website specially dedicated for fat loss, Because :-

Fat loss is much easier than Healthy Weight gain,
Its easy to lose what you have and its difficult gain what you don’t have.

Remember, I am talking about HEALTHY weight gain which is different from just weight gain which is happening with everyone because of sedentary life style, this type of weight gain mainly consists of fat and water holdings.

Healthy weight is mainly consist of muscles + some fat (hardly 10-20% of total weight gain) as you can’t gain muscles without gaining some fat*. Remember, muscle tissues are much heavier than fat tissues.

Below I am listing 10 simple ways to gain Healthy weight

1) Eat frequent meals

Eating huge meal at once and eating same quantity of food after certain interval are completely 2 different things. Eating huge meal at once will create problem as it will be difficult to digest, may happen that body do not need that much food at once (can cause you gain fat).

On the other hand, if you take small frequent meals after every 3-4 hours, it will allow you to gain healthy weight (if you are also doing some kind of physical activity). Your body can easily digest it and will accept it according to its requirement.

2) Speed up your metabolism

Metabolism refers to the speed at which body consumes and spend calories. In simple words, how much you have consumed and how much you have spent in a specified time.

The faster metabolism process allow you to eat more, spend more, perform more, then again eat even more …… and the story goes on with continuous progression.

To increase your metabolism process, you have to take care of the following things –

a) Eat frequent meals
b) Drink lots of water (except before & after eating, and before sleeping)
c) Include some salad for getting adequate amount of fibers.

3) 20 Minute Rule

This is an important rule of having a meal, after 20 minutes while eating the meal, your brain gets a signal to stop eating (some feeling comes in mind which let you get uninterested in eating more food). So better you eat the meal within 20 minutes to get more food inside your body.

4) Eat clean food

Clean refers to easily digestible food which contains less oil and fat as they can get digested by body in an easier and fast way. It will allow your body to accept more food as it is digesting the food easily and still having space for more food.

5) Eat low glycemic Index food

Low glycemic index of a food item shows that this food will gets digested slowly as compared to high glycemic index of a food. Now the reason to eat low glycemic index food is that will be absorbed by body slowly which will give your body a continuous supply of energy (remember, food with high fat content are different from Low glycemic index food).

6) Muscle building

Muscle building allows you to gain muscles which finally results in healthy weight gain. Don’t get too worried about the weight charts related to your height, which tells you that you are over weight, because you have lots of muscles. Gain more and more muscles and less fat, that’s all, you are healthy.

7) Progressive eating

This point is the main key for keeping your weight gain in a progression. Keep increasing your food intake (don’t over do it). Let your body accept a little more food after some fixed interval (like after 2 weeks or 4 weeks, according to your body’s limit). This will finally result in body weight you want to achieve at last.

8) Meal on waking up

When you wakeup in the morning, your body need a quick supply of energy. Take a high carbohydrates meal early in the morning before breakfast (also add other nutrients). This will allow you to keep your body in anabolic state.

9) Mid night meal

Very strange thing, but works well in some cases, but as it will disturb your sleep and sleep is it self an anabolic state which gives us maximum recovery, should not get affected.

A question arises, what to do? The answer I suggest is, if you are skinny then go for mid-night meal else just avoid it. Deep sleep is more important if you not skinny.

10) Fats are not bad

If you are planning even for healthy weight gain, you need fats to grow, don’t ignore them, they are required by the body for so many important functions like testosterone production, mobility of joints etc.


Gaining weight is an ordinary thing happening with everyone now a days, but healthy weight gain is not an automated process, it never happen automatically, you have to make it happen, but now its even simple by following the above tips and tricks.