Am I Really Obese?

am i really obese


When your body is holding more fat than it requires for healthy leaving then it’s called obesity. Your body definitely needs some fat for healthy leaving it should not cross the limit. So let’s discuss about obesity in below article.

How to identify obesity?

Let me explain you a very simple way to do this. Follow the steps given below to know that you are obese or not.

1) Stand straight (No leaning forward or bending back)
2) Bend your neck down and let your chin touch your upper chest (Again, no leaning forward)
3) If you can’t see your feet because of your belly fat, that means you are obese. If you can only see thumb finger of your feet that means you are near to obesity.

Failed the above test!

Believe me, Loosing fat is not that difficult, it looks difficult to you because you never did it and don’t have confidence that it is possible in your case but I do it every year as a competitive athlete and I am sure that it will happen because I did it earlier too. So believe me it is possible, doesn’t matter how much fat you have, it will meltdown with hard work and consistency.

Acceptance of being obese

Difficult thing to do, but the early you accept, the quickly problem will be solved. Once you have accepted it, then only you will take action to solve the problem else you can only let the problem become more complex. Making your self fool can’t help you (at least in this situation), be smart, accept the things as they are and just try to make them better and a day will come that the problem will be solved.

When people realizes that they are obese?

1) When some one stand in the front of a full body size mirror after a long time (then they get to know that they are obese).
2) When your friend or your colleagues tell you that “Your belly is growing bro”.
3) Participating in 100 mtr race, but your race finishes within 25 mtr.
4) Trying some yoga, but can’t touch your feet because there is something in between – “big belly”.
Well, there are many ways people get to know that they are obese, these were few of them.

Must have the following things with you

1) Full size mirror in your home so that you can see your full body from every angle to judge it’s shape.
2) Weight machine to measure your weight
3) Tape to measure your body specially near your waist line (Measure it in morning, on waking up on an empty stomach).
4) Regular basic checkup of your body by a doctor.

Advantage of being obese!

WOW! Being obese also has advantages, let me tell you few of them.

1) Saves you from cold. Think why polar bears are so fat and why lions are very muscular, because of weather. Fat saves your body from cold as it acts like a shield between cold weather and your body (muscles and internal organ).
2) It can give you energy when you don’t have anything to eat (extreme conditions like in jungle and don’t have food to eat).

Psychological strategy against obesity

Don’t blame yourself. In many cases like people with genetics which support obesity, people facing family problem or any other issue of there life can have obesity. But as always said –

Nothing is impossible


Obesity is like bad days of life. You just need to work enough to keep them away from your life. Its just like any other obstacle of life that we face every day and can be handled in the way we have handled others.

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