Are you taking Fake Supplements?

are you taking fake supplements


Fake supplements are now part of our life. They are getting sold in market. Reason behind selling them is to make big profit as they do not contain good quality ingredients and sometimes not even those ingredients which are written on their label.

How to identify Fake Supplements

1) Label and packaging –

The main aim of fake supplement sellers is to generate maximum profit with minimum expense. For doing this, they use low quality labels, take a close look at the label and you can judge whether its fake or real.

2) Content written on label –

Read carefully what’s written on the label of supplement. I want to share a funny experience of mine with you people, A supplement seller came to our gym and shown me a supplement, he said:- it will make me even bigger. After reading the label carefully, what I have found was a new innovative ingredient named as “Whey Cincentrate”. Spelling mistake on label (Correct is Whey concentrate). Do you think a reputed company can do spelling mistake on their label?

3) Beware of “MADE IN USA/CANADA” –

Fake supplements often have a statement on there label (with big eye catching font) as “MADE IN USA/CANADA”. They also have one more address at the bottom or some where on the label (with small), the address is of some where Mumbai, Delhi or some other place.

4) Protection seal –

Every good company has a protection seal on the neck of supplement container. They are good enough to protect it from air and moisture. If its not present, better not to purchase that supplement.

5) Mixability of supplement –

This may vary as few supplement have very poor mixability but still have high quality supplement, but if you already know the mixability of that supplement, and its not giving you the same with your newly purchased one, Beware of it.

6) Taste Of supplement –

Of course, this is a very simple test as everybody remembers the taste of there favorite supplement. You can identify, if the taste is not same as earlier one. Most fake supplements come only in one flavor and that is “Chocolate”. Try other flavors also, they also have great taste.

7) Muscle Loss –

You have taken a supplement and gained 2 kgs, but when you used it next time, no weight gain. This doesn’t means that the supplement is fake, this means you are doing something wrong.
But if every thing is as same as they were few days ago but you are felling really tired and immune system became week after using your new supplement, That means something is wrong, take care of it.

Fake ingredients

Fake supplement sellers prefer some cheap material to put into the product such as –

1) Soybean floor as whey protein –

Don’t think soybean can let you become stronger, there is very big difference between Soybean floor and whey protein, well that’s a different story and will be covered soon.

2) Glucose powder as weight gainers –

Glucose powder can let you gain weight but remember, the weight gainers have specially processed carbohydrates and fat which will make you gain near to no fat. But Glucose powder can let you gain some fat.

3) Other fake ingredients –

Believe me, they can put any thing into them, even steroids. So better you keep your self away from them, not from the supplements but from the fake supplements.

Top brands

Of course, this is the best way to sell the fake supplements, if someone comes up with a famous brand supplement (fake one), its so easy to convince some one to purchase it.

Solution of this problem

Take care of all the points I have listed above and you can be assure about real supplements (99%). Now if you want to remove that one percent also, follow the given steps.

  1. Always purchase a supplement with bill (They can’t be fake).
  2. Always purchase a supplement from trusted shops.
  3. Never purchase a supplement with a broken seal.


Don’t try to save some money by purchasing cheap fake supplement offered to you as they will never do what they are intended to do. The aim of this article is not to create fear in your mind but to educate you to choose supplement wisely.