Basics of fat loss

basics of fat loss


More and more people are getting obese now a days because of lack of knowledge on how to control fat gain lose the gained fat. We will discuss some basic concepts and tips that can help lose fat easily with a rapid speed in this article

1) Cardio

Cardiovascular training is one of the most beneficial and effective methods of losing fat. Main aim of cardio is to give strength to your heart (cardiovascular system). But to challenge your heart, you need to do a continuous movement which finally forces your heart to work more than normal situation and pump more blood which makes your heart even stronger.  When you were trying to force your heart, you have also burned lot of calories which may lead to fat loss.

2) High protein diet

High protein diet allows you not to feel hungry for a long time. It also allows your muscles to become stronger so that you can perform more cardio with more muscles which finally causes more fat loss.
Try to include following things in your diet :-
a) Egg white
b) Pulses (less water more pulses)
c) Vegetables with kidney beans.
d) Chicken and fishes
e) Protein shakes (as per your budget).

3) Fat burning agents

Now a days some fat burning agents are present in market which produces thermogenesis in body which causes higher metabolism which finally causes more fat loss. Some famous fat burning agents are

WARNING:- Take advice of any nutritionist or any other capable health professional before using any of mentioned ingredients.

a) Caffeine (Very strong fat burning agent)
b) L-carnitine
c) Green tea.
d) Chromium picolinate (not a suggested ingredient)

And many more agents are there which enhances fat burning process but remember one thing always :-

Fat burners never burn fat,
They speed up fat burning process when YOU are burning fat.

4) Workout cardio

The concept is to convert your workout into a cardio session, but be careful as the intensity goes very-very high and if your body doesn’t have the habit, better to avoid this way of losing fat. But if your trainer thinks that you can have a session then don’t forget to have good carbohydrate before workout and high protein after workout.

5) Calorie calculation

Always calculate your calorie intake as you need to track it for successful fat loss. Remember, always keep your calorie intake 500 Kal less than your normal daily calorie intake for fat loss. If you will take more calories than you require daily, then you will gain weight and if you eat even 500+ less calories for fat loss, can cause serious health problem, better to take advice from capable health professional.

Take good quantity of carbohydrates in morning breakfast and before training, keep some good amount of carbohydrates as you need energy to perform workout, keep carbs very low for dinner. Don’t go for very low carbs as they can affect your overall health.

6) Muscle building

Yes, it’s true. Muscle building causes fat loss. Let me explain you how? When you have big bulky muscles, your body needs more calories to maintain the muscle mass, then it also utilizes stored fat for this process in certain situations. One more plus point is when you perform cardio, your muscles are the actual player of this game, and they let you perform the cardio. So the stronger your muscles, the more cardio you can perform.

7) Avoid sugar

Avoid sugar intake while fat loss as they can raise insulin level in body which finally force your body to use other energy sources rather than your body’s fat storage. Until we don’t use our fat storage to get used up, how can we lose fat? Not just sugar but other insulin raising elements, they are generally sweet in taste.

8) Fat intake

You can stop taking saturated fats on regular basis but don’t forget to take unsaturated fats like Walnut, Peanut butter, Flaxseed oil etc. Proper Fat intake is required for healthy living. Our aim is not just to lose fat but also live a healthy life.


These basic guidelines will help you for fat loss as they are the first step toward losing fat. But remember, your body needs some fat for healthy living, Let it be there.

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