Basics of macronutrients and micronutrients

basics of macro and micro-nutrients


Nutrition is for providing nourishment to your body. Human body requires proper nourishment for better growth and maintenance of our body (muscles, bone, tissues etc). You have to provide macronutrients and micronutrients to your body for proper nutrition.


There are three macronutrients present, they are carbohydrate, protein and fat. The word macro is used as you need them in large quantity. There are many combinations suggested by various bodybuilders and fitness experts. Like  40%, 40%, 20% respectively, 60%, 30%, 10% respectively etc. But I suggest and believe 60%, 30%, 10% as the best choice to have. 40%, 40%, 20% combination is used by bodybuilders at the time of competition for extreme fat loss. These combinations vary from body to body.

Now let’s talk about all the macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) one by one as understanding them is the main aim of this article.


These are the main source of energy. For your daily work, you need a lot of carbohydrates, But in what quantity? The answer can’t be given as it varies from person to person as the BMI (Body mass Index, factor affecting your daily requirement of food) is different. But I can tell you the pattern of eating carbohydrate. The pattern should be like –

Morning – lots of carbohydrates (this doesn’t means 2 bread, 2 eggs and a glass of milk).

Afternoon – 70% to 50% of the morning carbohydrates amount (as you have taken a heavy meal in morning).

Evening – some fast digesting carbohydrates (as you may go to gym or some other activity).

Night – Small amount of carbohydrates (as you are just going to sleep in the night, no physical movement).

Now let me tell you some good source of carbohydrates that I know –

1) Wheat (The best choice for Indians for whole day)
2) Rice (Best choice in evening before a physical activity as it’s a fast digesting carbohydrates)
3) Oatmeal (Good choice for people not having time for cooking food as it only takes maximum 5 minutes to cook)
4) Brown bread (Not a very good choice but still better than white bread)
5) Banana (A very nice source but do not overdo it as it can cause constipation if taken in large quantity)
6) Apple (No need to say anything, it already have the reputation).


Protein came from the Greek word proteios which meaning “Something very important”. Just by this statement you can understand the importance of protein in our life. Its building block of our body, everything from muscle,  hair, nails and every single tissue etc are made by protein. As carbohydrates have a eating pattern, protein don’t have any. You can take a nice amount of protein throughout the day. But at the morning and after workout, try to have a little more amount of protein as your muscles are starving of them.

Good sources of protein are –

1) Whey protein (Available in supplement form only)
2) Egg (Natures Wahoo!, one of the best)
3) Chicken
4) Fish (A lean source of protein like tuna, salmon etc)
5) Other Birds (Like turkey, emu etc).


The most misunderstood nutrient present with lots of controversies, but the fact that I am going to tell you here is also going to shock you and also will move you in the right direction. So let’s start dissecting the topic.

Q-Why we need fat?

Ans- For body’s proper functioning, proper functioning of your brain, mobility of your joints maintenance of skin and hair and critical activities such as hormone production etc.

Now I am sure, you people got the point why its so important. Now let me tell you some interesting facts about fats. If proper intake of fat is not taken, it can cause lower testosterones (male dominant sexual hormone). Many reasons you know, why we need high testosterones but one of the reason that you may not know is that it is responsible for making men muscular than women’s.

Well this doesn’t mean that if you eat more fat than required, your testosterones levels will go even higher.

One more confusion many people have is about good and bad fat. Let me give you a list of good and bad fat.
Good fats-

1) Walnut (Great source of good fat with omega-3 essential fatty acids)
2) Peanut butter (I just love it, Taste great, contains omega-6, omega-9 essential fatty acids)
3) Flaxseed oil (Available in supplements form, provide omega-3 essential fatty acids via ALA)
4) Other oils (Fish oil, Olive oil etc are also good).

Here we finish with macronutrients, now we are going to discuss micronutrients. Micronutrients cover minerals and vitamins. They are called micro because they are required in very small amount by the body.


You have definitely heard about some famous vitamins like vitamin c (from orange juice), vitamin a (from carrot), vitamin d (cheapest, from sun light). Yeah, any ways one thing I can suggest is not to worry about them, Just eat all green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits will fulfill almost every vitamin requirement of yours.


They are also needed by your body in very small amount. Some famous minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc etc.

I like to take your focus on a mineral that can be supplemented by men specially ZINC. Because it is said that it increases testosterones levels, but only in case if you are a zinc deficient man. Proper calcium intake is also suggested for people who do regular exercise, potassium is also required for healthy and full muscles.


Finally what I can say is that you need them all, not just you, but we need them all. People who are not taking proper nutrition are also alive, then question arises why should I take proper nutrition. The answer is simple, We Are Living and They are surviving.

Want to Live OR Want to Survive, The choice is yours.