Beware in Gym

beware in gym


Lifting iron in gym is always fun for fitness freaks but lifting iron can be dangerous for you in some situations, let’s discuss them below in detail.

1) Accident and Injuries

One of the most important things to remember in gym is you are surrounded by heavy and hard IRON. Sometimes accident and injuries can take place because of you and sometimes because of others. Let use discuss some of the common accidents and injuries taking place in a gym.

a) Unloading weights from the bar

This is the most common accident which takes place in a gym. Specially by newbies as they are new to such activities. So be careful while unloading weights from the bars and better to get some guidance from your trainer.

It’s better to call someone to Unrack weights from the bars. As there are only 2 ends in a barbell, only 2 people are needed to unload it. Take out the weight at same time and this will be the safest way to unload the weights.

b) Re Racking the weights

We are strongest when we lifted the weights but after performing the repetitions, we are exhausted and weakest but once we are done with our set, it’s time to keep the weights down. But the weights are still heavy as they were when you lifted them for the first time and now keeping them down safely is difficult for you.

Solutions by which we can avoid these injuries up to an extent are –

i) Have a supporter –

Have someone behind you if you are not sure about keeping the weights down safely. But remember, the person you are choosing must know how to give proper support and better if he/she knows what kind of specific support you need.

ii) Don’t lift the weights with which you can’t perform atleast 4 repetitions –

Here I want to tell you that if you can’t perform 4 repetitions without support for any weight, better to avoid doing that movement. It will not give you any muscle growth and it is dangerous while lifting and keeping it down.

2) Guidance

Getting proper guidance is very important as it decides your growth and safety in gym. But guidance from whom is very important as well. Proper guidance should be taken from gym trainer.

But some times you meet various people who are too much interested in guiding you and finding fault in your workout. BEWARE of them. Sometimes your friend or training partner will also try to guide you but better to learn the things from gym trainer.

3) Enjoying with friends

If you really want to hang out with friends or have a nice enjoying talk inside the gym, then you are at wrong place. If you really want the money you are spending for fitness to actually work for you as expected then avoid these activities inside the gym. So many time I saw people talking about their college or friends or any other hot gossips inside the gym WHILE WORKOUT, In case if you meet each other only inside the gym then talk before and after workout, not during the workout.

4) Competitors

Sometimes you feel like you have some competitors or they behave like a competitor of yours in gym in a competition called:- Who can lift more weights! But people forget the purpose of lifting weights during such competition that they are here to build muscle and not just to lift weights.

Solution for this problem is –

Compete with yourself, not with others,
Try to add something to yourself everyday – muscles, knowledge, experience

5) Rivalry

You may have rivalries with someone in gym, better to keep them away from you and don’t call them to give you support, doesn’t matter how important that set is.

6) Over excitement

Sometimes you are able to put some more poundage on barbell and because of over excitement you put some more weight on it and the final result is an injury so better to make yourself enough strong and mentally prepared for that heavy weight and then try to do a lift like that.


I have learned above things after years of training and hope this will help you people to perform perform better and can easily achieve the goals you have set for yourself.