BODYBUILDING – The Ultimate Sport

bodybuilding the ultimate sport


Body-Building, simply it means building your body. Its about developing all muscles of your body equally and proportionately. But let me clarify this a little more. Building your body doesn’t means, building your arms or chest only. If you see a guy with huge arms and legs like matchsticks, “Don’t call him a bodybuilder”.

It’s very important to bring 3 qualities together in all your muscles, they are –

1) Muscle size (Of course it matters,it is always said in bodybuilding-Bigger you are better you are).
2) Muscle definition (How defined your muscles are).
3) Muscle symmetry (Ratio of your opposite muscles groups, ratio of upper and lower body muscles, ratio of right to left side muscles etc).

Why Bodybuilding?

“Because it’s great to be like a Shark among Those Common Fishes”

What’s unique in Bodybuilding?

“The only sports in the whole world, who’s athlete can be identified without holding any equipment of his sports”.

A cricketer, footballer, badminton player etc can’t be identified without holding a bat, football and racket. If they walk through the street and they are not very famous, no body can identify which sports they play, sometimes they will not even consider as athletes. But a bodybuilder with a skin tight t-shirt with monster quads filling up their jeans can easily be identified anywhere in the crowd.

Advantages of Bodybuilding

The benefits I am going to list here are from what I have seen people are getting and what I personally got from bodybuilding.

1) Confidence

The biggest gift of bodybuilding to you. There are many rich people out there, who have a lot of money but still lacking confidence, if you ask them to talk in front 50 people, many of them can’t, because

“You can’t purchase confidence, you have to earn it”

And if you talk about any successful bodybuilder, yes they have it, the quote I have written in “Why Bodybuilding” section is said by a famous bodybuilder, this statement was not pre-planned, it comes from inside, only when you have confidence on yourself.

2) Discipline –

It teaches you discipline. To achieve any thing in your life, you will require this. And bodybuilding requires 24 hours of discipline. But this discipline will just not help you in your bodybuilding but also in every thing else that you are doing in your life. If you carefully read and observe the home page, you will see that what I am trying to say, I got them all from discipline, You can get them as well, actually so many bodybuilder already got it and I am one of them.

3) Pride –

You start respecting you and your body more than ever. Let me tell you a like and dislike of bodybuilders, They like to show of their muscles in the front of a big crowd but they really don’t like that some one comes from the crowd and touch their muscle to check how hard they are? Bodybuilder hate this as they respect there muscles a lot and feels like you are disrespecting their body (Don’t do it). Actually people think the harder the muscle, the better it is and truth is the softer and bigger the muscle, the better it is.

4) Commitment –

Bodybuilding teaches you get committed towards anything in your life, what ever it is, a relationship, your studies, your promises and everything else. And just don’t commit, you also put your best to make them a reality.

5) Satisfaction –

If sold in market, I am sure 98% of people like to purchase it. But unfortunately you have to earn it. You can get it from bodybuilding, Let me explain you how. When you work hard through out the day, what happens is this that maximum time you get unsatisfactory results, but in evening you go to the gym and do a hardcore workout session, get your favorite supplement just after the workout and go home, then on the bed, you have a reason to end your day with satisfaction that at least your muscles are going to be better than what they were yesterday.

6) Knowledge –

As you are trying to make a perfect physique, you need to learn so many things about your body, like about your muscles, about nutrition, your body, about hygiene. Let me tell you a shocking fact- If you ask a common man a question that “why we sweat?” they can’t answer, some of them may answer that because of heat. Then why dogs do not sweat. Actually it’s a wrong answer. We sweat because our body needs to cool him in that hot weather. It’s a more specific answer.

7) Good Health –

Bodybuilders are always fit and fine, if they go to doctor, it is an injury in 99% CASES. Their immune system is very strong as they workout daily and take proper nutrition. They even have very less medical expense. As it’s always better to spend money on proper diet and gym instead of paying hospital bills.

8) Name and Fame –

“hey, you are a BODYBUILDER” is a very common phrase a bodybuilder get to listen. This statement it self explain how bodybuilding sports stand apart from all the remaining sports.

And one major thing is the title. As I can say that I am Mr.Nagpur, but a cricket team don’t have any such prestigious title to win. As bodybuilding is an individual sports, so the title is only yours, not won by a complete team.

9) Community Respect –

This is a general problem faced by so many people, not getting enough respect from your classmates, colleague in office. Then try bodybuilding, it works, well I am not doing TELE- marketing but it really works, may be the reason is fear but as you are getting the respect you deserve that means mission is successful.

10) Strength and Power –

“It’s not how much you can bench, it’s about how much you look like you can bench”

You hardly spend 5 minutes while doing bench press, even if you have the biggest bench in the gym, you will not get as much respect compared to the guy who is very big and muscular, because his muscles are visible 24 hours and you’re bench is visible just for 5 minutes.

11) Beauty –

May be god haven’t given you a beautiful face, height and blah-blah-blah, but one thing god can’t stop you from developing and making your self beautiful is your body. Make it sexy, everybody appreciates it.

Disadvantages of bodybuilding

If done properly, there are no disadvantages of bodybuilding but in some situations like facing a big problem in life because of which you can’t continue bodybuilding, in this case you can face some disadvantages (applies only for people who were regular in gym for many years).

1) Very fast metabolism –

It’s a good thing for health as it gives you the strength of losing and gaining weight easily, but after discontinuing the gym, it will remain high and if not taken proper care, can make you fat. Some people with lack of knowledge say that the muscles got converted to fat. ha-ha-ha, what a joke.

2) Soreness in joints –

You may face this problem for a little span of time (hardly 6-8 months, may vary). It’s temporary, and will be normal very soon. It happens because of the habit that body got from bodybuilding of lifting really heavy weight. Example – a guy doing 200 kg squat from past 5 year and suddenly not doing any kind of exercise, this is a shock for your muscles, but it will be normal soon.

3) Something missing –

It’s my personal experience, I have injured myself some times in gym (well back to gym within 21 days max with a fit body, it’s a record). Believe me it feels very strange to sit at home because you are injured. Well I don’t know that it remains forever or not because I was always back to gym.

Kishan Tiwari’s personal View

For me, Bodybuilding is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle for me, a life style with discipline, and you have to be regular with everything. Sound very boring and difficult one? But its not. Let me clarify it more, 6 months (off-season) we eat what ever we want to, some time gym is also escaped like on b’day, but the remaining 6 months, we are very strict with diet and workouts for preparation of a competition like physique, earn a lot of respect, name and fame as well. So we did both, enjoyment + got respect for a nice body.


What to say, the title of the article himself explains the conclusion. Body building – The ultimate sports. If you have never watched a bodybuilding competition. Go and watch, there you can feel the enjoyment and thrill of bodybuilding.

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