Funniest myth of fitness and muscle building

funniest myth of fitness and muscle building


Due to lack of knowledge, some myth regarding fitness and muscle building are spreading every where. Even I was one of them with some myth in my mind, but now the concepts are clear. I am trying to list some of the most funniest myth of all time below. Enjoy them and if you believe on any of them, please change your thought regarding it right now as I am also explaining why it’s myth.

1) Muscles convert into fat after discontinuing gym

Working so hard in gym for many years and after discontinuing gym, your hard earned muscles convert into FAT. This is why we were working hard in gym to build fat?

Muscles never get converted into fats. Imagine, how a muscle tissue can get converted into a fat tissue. These “tissue-changing” stories are only possible in Hollywood movies.

But yes, it’s possible that you gain some fat after discontinuing gym, not because of muscle conversion into fat, The reason is your eating habits and calorie consumption which if remained same then this will result in fat gain as you are consuming more calories then you need.

Solution for this problem is to reduce your calorie intake according to your daily physical activities and you will never get those unwanted fats even after discontinuing gym.

2) Belly fat converts into chest muscle by gym workout

WTF! That means people with big belly will have big chest after joining gym? When you do proper workout in gym, what happens is you start losing fat from your waist line and start gaining muscle on your chest. That’s why some people have this crazy myth in their mind.

3) Abdominal exercise reduces belly fat

This concept is called as spot reduction which means you lose fat from that specific area. Now imagine an obese person doing abdominal exercises only and achieve spot reduction near his belly, only waist line is small and everything is same as it was. Have you ever seen someone like that?

Spot reduction is possible only by cosmetic surgery and not naturally. When you try to lose fat, you will lose it from whole body and not just from your waistline or thigh. Abdominal exercises are for abdominal muscle (Abs) development and not for fat reduction from your waist line. Try cardiovascular or aerobic exercises and surely include weight training too for achieving your fat-loss goals.

But then also I will like to suggest you to do abdominal exercise because when you lose all those unwanted fat from your body, you will like to see a beautiful toned mid-section and that is possible only by training abdominal muscles.

5) Rice contain too much fat

So many people avoid eating White rice because it contains FAT. It does not contain any such fat at all. Yes, it’s true to avoid them during fat loss, not because they contain fat but they are fast digesting carbohydrates and can provide unwanted calories to your body which can cause fat gain.

Rice can be used as preworkout carbohydrate source and in some situations as a post workout carbohydrate source too, rice a good food choice if timing of consumption is correct.

6) Muscle building cause loss in body flexibility

Muscle building cause loss in body flexibility and I heard this from people who perform no physical activity.

Instead of decreasing flexibility, it increases flexibility. Let me give an example:- When you do romanian deadlifts for hamstring, this movement is itself a stretch and makes them even more flexible. My suggestion is you also perform stretching after workout without weights too.

It’s better to do something rather than nothing, doing nothing will never make you flexible and strong.

7) Chewing chewing-gum will give you beautiful shape cut of cheeks

Now, lets discuss a very funny myth…chewing a chewing gum could give you beautiful shape cut of cheeks, Sounds interesting.

The truth is to get a good shape cut for your cheeks, you should either thank god (gifted), or you should reduce your percentage of body fat by cardio, workout & most importantly controlling the taste buds (caught you…foodie…!) As we have already discussed in this article that body will lose fat from all the parts together including your cheeks too.

8) Body needs fruit juice right after gym workout

We use our muscles extensively in a workout, so the first thing we need after gym workout is muscle recovery. For recovering from a workout, muscles need quick supply of protein. Fruit juice contains mainly fructose and very low quantity of protein. Protein shake or eggs contain mainly high quality protein and consuming one of them right after the workout does make sense.

9) More sweat means more fat loss

Many people believe that more they sweat, more fat they lose. Some people close all the fans and windows for sweating more which they believe will cause more fat loss which is incorrect.

Yes that’s true, fat comes out from your body when you sweat but the amount of fat comes out is negligible and varies from person to person. One big mistake is this that people close all the fans and windows which don’t allow fresh oxygen to come in the room.You need to breath more oxygen to lose more fat, so breath fresh air and do a good workout instead of sweating and look0 like a melting ice-cream.

10) Concentration curls builds biceps peak

Like Arnold did in pumping iron movie, you do it like him and waiting for your biceps to look like a mountain. Again, not true.

Biceps peak is god gifted, you can’t build it
You can’t shape a muscle, you can only develop it

Feeling bad because you don’t have the peak? Then here is the solution:- Do full-range of motion, especially work on lower biceps by properly lowering the weights without moving your elbows, bottom line is less you cheat while training biceps, the better peak you can develop.

11) Training your arms every day makes them even bigger

This logic will never work as someone will expect. You better listen to your trainer, don’t use your mind until you get enough experience. Training a particular muscle daily can’t help you. It will cause over-training, finally result in muscle loss.

12) Drinking Bear builds muscles

Even better than a protein shake? Actually bear can give ugly bear belly and that’s all. No body likes to have an ugly bear belly, so better to avoid doing such kind of things. Drink something healthier.


What to conclude, I am dam sure, you people have you enjoyed it and hope you will spread my words to those who believe any such myth listed above.

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