get a good night sleep


In simple words, sleep is a process in which our body gets recharged or recovered by the damage occurred to the body during day time, recovery like mental and physical. From the view of bodybuilding, sleep is an anabolic stage in which body recovers all the muscle damage occurred by a gym workout or any physical stress which finally makes you bigger and stronger (In the presence of proper diet and workout).

What is good night sleep?

GOOD NIGHT Sleep is completely different from just sleep. The best sleeping pattern is to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep starting between 10 pm to 11 pm with at least 4 hours of deep sleep.

Sleep have 4 four stages out of which last 2 stages are very important. And the last one called deep sleep, it’s the most important stage as it causes maximum recovery, but to get into this stage, you have to go through all stages.

How to get good night sleep?

1) Physical tiredness :-

This is the most important reason to get a good night sleep. Until you are not completely physically tired (doesn’t matter how much metal work you did), you can’t get good night sleep. The best way to get completely physically tired is to play an outdoor game, gym, cardio, aerobics or any other physical activity. But remember, if you are doing these physical activity 1 to 2 hours before sleep, then instead of helping you, they may affect your sleep.

2) Hot water shower :-

Hot shower before 1 to 2 hours before sleep can help you in getting a good night sleep as they relax your muscle like nice massage does. And when body gets relaxed, that means time for bed.

3) Light dinner :-

It’s better to have light dinner as your body doesn’t require lots of calories in night. But light doesn’t means on an empty stomach. Try to add some salad and protein as well in your dinner.

4) Listen music :-

This is optional, if lots of thoughts are flowing in your mind, it’s better to listen slow music (no rock music) to let your mind get relaxation.

Avoid these to get good night sleep

1) No caffeine or nicotine :-

These ingredients keep your mind always in alert mode. Better to avoid them at least 6 hours before sleep.

2) No more television in night :-

Watching television or working on computer can also affect your good night sleep. As they produce bright light which allow you to remain awake. Try to avoid them at least 1 hour before sleep.

3) No Cold water shower :-

As I have already explained about hot shower, cold shower does just opposite of it. It gives your body a signal to remain awake, its better to have a cold water shower in morning, there it can help you to feel fresh.

Sleeping solution for Party freaks

Yeah, party freaks, and they are growing in number everyday. I will only be able to tell you the way to get a sleep (not good night sleep). So here is the solution :- when you come late night, quickly have a hot shower, go on the bed and relax for few minutes and get at least 6 hours of sleep with 1 to 2 hours of deep sleep. This will help your body to recover enough to perform well next day.

GOOD NIGHT Sleep for people with shift jobs

Body have it’s own biological clock, which need to be maintained to remain healthy, but with shift jobs, it’s difficult, but still if we follow the given above things strictly, that will give you to achieve good night sleep.

Benefits of good night sleep

When you get a good night sleep, that means now you can give your 100% in your daily work. Why to sleep late and live your only 50-60%, why not to live 100%.

Bodybuilders also have special benefits of good sleep. Muscles grows in anabolic conditions and sleep is a very good anabolic condition, and gym workout is a catabolic condition in which we damage our muscles. Remember,

Muscles grow in night while sleeping,
Instead of in gym while workout.

Well, that doesn’t means you don’t need a gym workout. Until you don’t shock them, why should they grow?


Getting GOOD NIGHT Sleep is not very difficult, try it out, why to live in night, why not to live your life with 100% in day by getting GOOD NIGHT Sleep.

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