Get ready for gym

get ready for gym


If you are 100% ready for gym which also helps you to give your 100% in workout as well. In this article we are going to discuss the important things that you should have with you to perform 100% in gym. It’s better not to miss any of them, So keep reading to go through all the points I have listed.

1) Mindset

The very first thing to do is to set your mind for gym. What, How and When you want to achieve certain goals in the gym should be crystal clear in your mind and enter the gym with a dedication matching to your goals you want to achieve. It’s not necessary that you train as hard as you can because it completely depends on your goal, if you just want to remain healthy then your training intensity will be much lower than an athlete in the gym but if you are an athlete then I want to see that person giving his best in the gym.

2) Clothing

Wear some flexible clothes like t-shirt, lower, shorts etc and better avoid other casual wear in gym. Many companies nowadays are manufacturing clothes specially for gyms and getting sold as gym or active wear. These clothes will help you perform any kind of flexible movement.

3) Shoes

Shoes can save you from injuries, provide you better grip and they can also improve your performance in some exercises like squat and deadlift etc. You can choose any sports shoes you like, just keep one thing in your mind while choosing your shoes is that choose them according to their usability, not by looks. Also prefer carrying your gym shoes separately as this will help keep gym clean, after all we go gym for better health.

4) Supplement

If you prefer any supplements like I Keep a protein shake with me in my gym bag for a post workout recovery, a protein supplement which is high in leucine will be a good choice, It’s better to keep with you and consume it immediately after workout.

5) MP3 Player

When we listen music, we are able to divert our mind from the pain by exercise. So work even harder with fast rocking music. If you don’t like the music played on gym’s music system then get your own mp3 player in gym.

Music diverts your mind from PAIN to your AIM

6) Deodorant

Better to apply deodorant, because it may not affect you but may affect others, it can become a problem for them. So better to apply it, but remember, don’t over do it, this also creates problem for others.

7) Gym Belt

Every gym has gym belts but if you are an athlete and move heavy weights regularly in exercises like deadlift and squat then my recommendation is you carry your own belt so you don’t have to wait for someone and your back is safe and strong.

8) Gym Bag

The last thing you need is a gym bag to keep all of them into it, so now your gym bag will contain below things:-

a) Towel (For handling sweat due to workout)
b) Gloves (They Keep your hands soft and firm, also helps in workout)
c) Water bottle (If you choose it over water supplied by your health club).

d) Gym shoes (As discussed in above)

e) Protein Supplement (As discussed in above)

f) Mp3 player (As discussed in above)

g) Deodorant (As discussed in above)

h) Gym belt (As discussed in above)


Just follow the given above tips and you can see an improved performance in gym, many people neglect these thing but they really makes the difference.