How to choose the right gym?

how to choose the right gym


There are many gyms in India and the number is growing every day. But you will need choose only one gym for your training so choose it smartly. I personally categorize gyms in 3 categories, they are :-

i) Gyms with Luxurious facilities

ii) Gyms with standard facilities

iii) Gyms with below standard facilities

When I think of luxurious gyms, I can’t understand why a gym need to be like this as luxury provides physical comfort , but do you really need comfort in a place where you want to perform physical exercise which itself causes physical discomfort?

Below I am mentioning some points according to their priority on the basis of which you should choose a gym:-

1) Budget

Everyone has a budget, even the richest person of this world has a budget, this is what made him the richest too! So choose the gym according to your budget but this doesn’t means that you spend all your money on the gym fees itself, think of your expenditure on better nutrition and lifestyle too then after on the gym fees, lifting iron without nutrition and lifestyle can’t give results.

2) Trainer

Your trainer is the most important person once you joined the gym, he is the one who will design your workout plans, explain you how to implement the plan with a proper form and also motivating and encouraging you to achieve your goals.

The trainer should be well educated, knowledgeable and most importantly Experienced, I am not talking about how many certifications he did , I am talking about real knowledge and experience that he gained after years of trial and error and achieved a great physique himself.

3) Machines

Gym should have the minimum set of required machines and dumbbells but remember, more machines never makes a gym better than others specially when it’s an alternative to a free movement exercise. In India, I have seen that some gyms don’t have a full set of lower body exercise equipment so ask for these equipment also when you visit them:-

1) Leg press
2) Squat rack
3) Leg extension
4) Leg curl
5) Calf machines

Legs are the foundation of your body, a well developed lower body is an essential part of an ultimate physique.

4) Traveling distance

Your gym should not be far away from your home until your goal is very specialized like bodybuilding so prefer a gym near to your home, within a range of 5-8 km. This saves time for other important things in life as traveling never build muscles.

5) Environment

The gym should have some fitness freaks and possibly 1 or 2 bodybuilders whose presence and workout motivates other too and the gym shouldn’t have people who keep talking about their personal issues in high voice all the time during workout. Any gym always have such motivations and distraction but it’s upto the gym management that how they handle these people.

6) Hygiene

Gym should have proper changing room, washroom facilities. After all we go gym for better overall health, which is not possible in unhygienic conditions.

7) Money making machines

Keep yourself away from these kinds of gyms. You are just a customer who pays money to them, that’s all, what else is happening to your body, they don’t care. The basic idea on which they believe is:- The more I sell, the better my gym is. Do you agree with such gyms?

8) Gym partner

You need it. Well, if you have one already, then convince him to come to your new gym, if you don’t have anyone, then convince someone today. But don’t believe that a training partner is must as I have mostly trained without a training partner but with them, it’s even better.

9) Dietitian

They are also important as they decide your diet schedules. If a gym don’t have a dietitian, not an issue because you can take this advice from any dietitian outside the gym also, prefer a dietitian who also have knowledge of supplements too.

10) Management

Management is the authority which handles the gym floor, trainers and other staff, have a close look at their management as it shouldn’t be very strict or very careless as both the situations finally affects members of the gym indirectly.


If a gym have them all, that means it’s a perfect gym. A perfect gym can let you build a perfect body in a perfect environment .

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