I vs I (Compete to take out the best out of you)


“Competition” is a word that you can see everywhere , whether its school, college, education, job, relationships or even in “GYM”. Let’s talk about competition in gym, which one to do and which one to avoid. Competition is never bad but it might go wrong and let you in the wrong direction.

Why competition came in existence?

Whenever there is more than one Living organism, Competition will be there, it’s built-in in humans, this is why we are the most successful living organism on earth, we competed with others and we won. Competition will be everywhere, men-women, kids, old people, it’s everywhere, the only thing varies is the Level of competition. If the level is very low, you will never observe it, even two lovers have competition – Who love the other one more? (In case of true love).

Why to compete?

“Competition let you take out the best out of you”.

Competition gives you the energy, focus, and aim to work even harder. It might be the case that you are unable to compete after a particular time/age but competition gave/taught you something that will help you in your life forever. Things like –

1) Never give-up
2) Nothing is impossible.

And so many strong thoughts that will help you everywhere in your life.

Prepare for a competition (Methods) – You Vs I and I Vs I

This is the point which inspired me to write this article, there are 2 ways to prepare for any competition, I will try to explain them in terms of gym only as it’s a fitness and bodybuilding website.

Let’s take an example of Mr.A and Mr.B are preparing for a Competition. The basic difference between them is in the way they are preparing. Mr.A is Following (I Vs I) type of preparation for competition and Mr.B is following (I Vs. You) type of preparation.

1) Whenever Mr.A hit the gym, His competitor also enters the gym (he himself). He start lifting the weights and he knows how much to lift to beat his competitor (he himself), just few more poundage’s than last lift, it’s fully safe as no sudden increase in weight can take place.

2) He can easily compare him with his old photos and judge the progress.

3) And yes of course, no Jealousy as you are competing with yourself.

But in case of Mr.B, Things are different. When he enters the gym, his competitor might not be There, If his competitor is very strong then he have a monster in front of him which might Affect his confidence but if he is week then no competition. Jealousy can be there if you try to Prepare while focusing on others.


When you compete with yourself, things keep progressing even if you are No.1 as your Competitor is equally successful as you and you keep trying harder to be better Than ever.