Listen to your Body

listen to your body


Your body talks with you? Is it true? Yes, it’s true, but with some kind of signals. You have definitely observed those signals but some times we just ignore them, ignorance is not the solution. If your body wants to say something, listen it carefully as it want to help you. Generally, the communication takes place in emergency situations to help you out, so it’s better not to ignore them.

<h2>How your body communicates with you?</h2>

There are so many ways by which body communicates to you, I will try to list a few of them below with the reasons of their communication.

<h2>1) Sleep -</h2>

When you feel sleepy, your body is tired of daily work and need some rest to recover to re-energize. Give it some rest and you can feel the energy next day, but if you ignore this signal for many days, you can feel that your daily working performance is going down.

<h2>2) Pain -</h2>

Everybody knows this signal very well and this signal always gets the respect it deserve as nobody like to feel the pain, but pain is not always bad, I will explain this in detail below.

There are numerous signals which your body gives in your daily life, these were few of them.

When to ignore this communication

There can be some situations in which you need to avoid these signals, I am mentioning some of them below.

<h2>1) Pain (burning sensation) while workout in gym -</h2>

When you lift weights in gym, you can feel the pain in your muscles, actually it’s because of lactic acid formation and collection around the working muscles. But this muscle pain should be avoided as it’s temporary and after few minutes, there will be no pain (some soreness in muscle could remain, depends on the intensity of training).

<h2>2) Sleepy when studying or some other tasks -</h2>

You may feel sleepy when you feel boring, like while studying (lol, and I was one of them, but not now, things have been changed). But you should avoid this and concentrate on your task, if you have taken a sleep of 6-8 hours in night regularly then you really don’t need any more sleep throughout the day.

<h2>Be careful</h2>

You should be careful with some extreme situations like pain in joints, tendons, and ligaments, heart problem or any other serious problem should not be avoided at all. If you feel any such problem, please go through a proper medical check up. Don’t try to fool your body as it can be dangerous.

If your body is injured, please give it time to recover, don’t perform any kind of hard physical activity like a gym workout.


Even in real life, problems are solved only when we communicate, then why not to communicate with your body and let’s solve all problems and improve our physique.