Love your cheat meal

Love your cheat meal


First of all, I will tell you a fact about food, Its one of the most pleasurable thing in this world for humans, So going away from tasty food will be like killing yourself. Everybody need them, But tasty foods are mostly high in calories, contains saturated fats, low in nutrition and sometimes high in sugar. So let’s understand how to get taste and health together by using cheat meal.

What exactly cheat meal is?

It’s a delicious meal which gives all the pleasure your taste buds are looking for, against your fitness goals that you set for yourself like weight loss or muscle gain or any other goal without negatively affecting your progress with the primary aim of providing mental satisfaction is called a cheat meal.

Do you need a cheat meal?

It’s not for everyone, you have to work really hard and need to be honest with all your schedules (diet, exercise and lifestyle) then its like a break for your body on a rest day. Just think about the last week and ask your self honestly :- Do I deserve a delicious pleasurable yummylicious cheat meal? If yes, then go for it.

Cheat meal quantity and timing

My suggestion is to have it before 5:00 pm so that calories from that meal can be utilized, but its a fact that mostly people go for it after 5:00 pm so let’s take an example of pizza:- If you ordered a medium size pizza then half part of it is yours or take a small pizza and enjoy it all. Hope you got the idea about how much quantity and calories you can have in your cheat meal but if taken before 5:00 pm then you can have a little more.

Note:- I am not encouraging to eat pizza neither it’s the best choice for it, instead I will recommend you to minimize the intake of fast food like pizza and try to choose something healthier and tastier. Example of pizza is used because it have a standard size worldwide.

Cheat meal frequency

Once or maximum of twice a week as per your body type will be enough when talking about cheat meals. Try to choose rest day to enjoy your cheat meal. And not to mention:-  its a cheat meal, not a cheat DAY! The way I enjoy my cheat meal is not watch T.V, indulging into a talk or any other activity other than enjoying every single piece of my delicious pleasurable yummylicious cheat meal.


If you are honest enough with your cheat meal, it will never hurt you, instead it will spice up your life with Great tastes and Great body.