Mystery of Glutamine

mystery of glutamine


Glutamine is a white powdered, tasteless non-essential amino acid and most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. But in some cases it becomes necessary to use it. So let’s discuss it in simple words.

Importance of glutamine

Glutamine is famous for speeding recovery time but its importance is very low, that’s why its kept at the bottom of supplement pyramid. The most important supplement will always be Protein supplements and they are at the top of supplement pyramid. So if your supplement budget is big enough to cover protein supplement and you still have some money remaining in your hands, then only go for glutamine.

Do I need glutamine?

Depends upon various situations, if any of the below condition is true for you then you can go for glutamine.

  1. If you train very hard or very long in gym then you need glutamine for better and faster recovery.
  2. If your immune system is weak then prefer glutamine as it will improve it.
  3. The day was or going to be very stressful or exhaustive then prefer glutamine.
  4. If you are a bodybuilder then you MUST USE IT, don’t ask me why, it will be a silly question.

How much to take?

This depends upon the amount of muscle mass you have, but I can tell you about the basic guidelines for an average person. 5-10 gm a day, split into 2 parts, one in morning and other in evening out of which one must be right after workout.


Simply the facts above explain its an optional supplement, its use completely depends on needs of an individual.

“Use it when you need it”

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