Nutritional mistakes which causes fat gain

nutritional mistakes which causes fat gain

Note – This article is not for serious athlete as they require much more nutrition as compared to the nutrition explained below. This article is limited for general health conscious people and up to fitness freaks.


In this article we are going to discuss about the small common mistakes which causes fat gain. Just by controlling them, you can stop gaining fat and even lose some fat. Remember losing fat is a different story and it’s covered in my article for fat loss.

Very common story of fat gain

This story is about lifestyle many people have nowadays, here is the story.

There was a man Mr. ABC. He woke up in morning at 9:00 am. Then he take breakfast . The common choices for breakfast are –

1) Aalu poha (with some gravy)
2) Upma (with ghee or at least with lots of oil)
3) Bread with boiled or fried egg (with a glass of milk or juice)
4) Nothing (Yes, so many people choose this as there breakfast).

But Mr. ABC takes the best of them, 3rd one. Now he go to office and get a lunch break near about 2 pm. His best choices are –

1) Samosa with cold drinks (In canteen)
2) Chapati and vegetable (prepared with so much vegetable oil)
3) Nothing (Again, the easiest choices to make).

Now time to go home and have an evening snack. The best choices for evening snacks are –

1) Feeling very hungry and like to have a meal.
2) Likes to go to gym on an empty stomach.
3) Like to watch tv and have something to eat for satisfaction (mental satisfaction, not body’s requirement).

Now Time for dinner, the best part of the day for Mr. ABC. Relaxed, with family, and nice big (Biggest) meal of the day to eat. Best choice of meal are –

1) Lots of chapati with vegetable, dal (with tadka), likes to have some sweet, Rice is optional. Because it can cause fat gain ;-).

Now just after that big meal, sometimes like to have a walk because it causes proper digestion and even fat loss ;-).

Finally to bed. Mr. ABC was a very jolly person, right?

The End
(Of story only)

Pointing out mistakes in the story:-

1) Time for waking up in morning –
It’s better to wake up between 6 am to 8 am. But for this, you should sleep between 10pm to 11 pm. That means 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Enough for anyone, doesn’t matter how hard you worked throughout the day.
2) Choice of breakfast –
Break-fast, means breaking the fast that you did last night as you haven’t eaten anything in night. It’s better to give your body a calorie bomb in breakfast.

All choices listed in that section are bad choices for breakfast. The best choice for breakfast is your dinner, place the food of your dinner at the place of breakfast.

Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day as it will give energy to your body throughout the day and will not cause fat gain as all calories get consumed by body during daily work.
3) Choice of snacks –
No comment on the choices, just a suggestion, better to have a snacks which is light, energetic and fast digesting. For example, rice or banana which gives quick energy. Also do some physical movement like playing some outdoor games or going gym (Do not have a walk, it’s a waste of time for young people).
4) BIG MEAL at Night –
This is the biggest mistake of the day which causes fat gain. This should be the lightest meal of the day. Very few calories should be taken as you don’t have to perform any physical activity in the night.

Better choice for dinner will be –

a) Vegetables (prepared in less oil)
b) Pulses (without tadka, at least in night)
c) Salad
d) Fruit or chapati (1 or 2 according to body’s need).

Can’t follow this lifestyle?

It may happen that because of some problem. You may not be able to follow this lifestyle, problem such as –

1) Shift jobs
2) Family issues
3) Health issues
4) Other issues.

But you can try to follow at least the diet part of this lifestyle to keep yourself healthier. Because if you don’t keep yourself healthy, one day will come when you will create problem for others and this chain will never end.

Respect your body

Your body has helped you throughout your life such as when you were at playground, at work, at college etc. Now, it’s your duty to pay back.

Don’t you think, your body deserves some respect for all those good days? When it comes to eating food, a thought come in my mind that I am sharing with you –

When you eat food for taste,
It was for your mind’s satisfaction


When you eat food for nutrition,
It was for your body’s satisfaction.

Your body deserves it,
Give it what it deserves.


If you are not doing any mistakes listed above that means you are very close to a healthier lifestyle. A “healthy you” is an important step towards a better quality of life.