bodybuilding the ultimate sport

Introduction Body-Building, simply it means building your body. Its about developing all muscles of your body equally and proportionately. But let me clarify this a little more. Building your body doesn’t means, building your arms or chest only. If you see a guy with huge arms and legs like matchsticks, “Don’t call him a bodybuilder”. […]

am i really obese

Introduction When your body is holding more fat than it requires for healthy leaving then it’s called obesity. Your body definitely needs some fat for healthy leaving it should not cross the limit. So let’s discuss about obesity in below article. How to identify obesity? Let me explain you a very simple way to do […]

muscle building enemies

Introduction Everybody heard about Olympic weight lifters, these people lift big weights by lifting the barbell over the head, same as we lift in gym for shoulder barbell press. But carefully compare the muscle development for shoulders of Olympic weight lifters and Bodybuilding champions. Bodybuilding champions shoulder development is far beyond the development of Olympic […]

training partner your best muscle builder

Introduction We people use so many different muscle building supplements which enhances our performance in gym and help us build more muscles. But have you ever thought that a perfect gym partner could be much better than all these supplements, could help you build more muscle than any of these supplements. I am not saying […]

machines vs free weights

Introduction In today’s modern era of machines, mechanical machines in gyms are no wonder. Some people believe that more the machines a gym has, better it is rather than just having free weights, so let’s understand the war of free weighted exercises and machine exercises. Basic definitions Free weight exercises – It refers to any exercise […]

how to choose the right gym

Introduction There are many gyms in India and the number is growing every day. But you will need choose only one gym for your training so choose it smartly. I personally categorize gyms in 3 categories, they are :- i) Gyms with Luxurious facilities ii) Gyms with standard facilities iii) Gyms with below standard facilities When I think […]

beware in gym

Introduction Lifting iron in gym is always fun for fitness freaks but lifting iron can be dangerous for you in some situations, let’s discuss them below in detail. 1) Accident and Injuries One of the most important things to remember in gym is you are surrounded by heavy and hard IRON. Sometimes accident and injuries […]

get ready for gym

Introduction If you are 100% ready for gym which also helps you to give your 100% in workout as well. In this article we are going to discuss the important things that you should have with you to perform 100% in gym. It’s better not to miss any of them, So keep reading to go […]

squat the king of all exercises

Introduction If you see an athlete with a great set of well developed thigh muscle, that also means he is a very good squatter at the same time. Squat is the only exercise which hits all the muscle of thigh which is alone capable of building a well developed thigh. So let’s explore this great exercise […]