common mistakes of bench press

Introduction Barbell Bench press is the basic and most effective exercise for overall chest development. But you have also heard injuries caused by this exercise and improper form in this movement, so we will be discussing about the solution in this article. Myth and truth of bigger chest Yes it’s true, the bigger bench you […]

Love your cheat meal

Introduction First of all, I will tell you a fact about food, Its one of the most pleasurable thing in this world for humans, So going away from tasty food will be like killing yourself. Everybody need them, But tasty foods are mostly high in calories, contains saturated fats, low in nutrition and sometimes high […]

basics of fat loss

Introduction More and more people are getting obese now a days because of lack of knowledge on how to control fat gain lose the gained fat. We will discuss some basic concepts and tips that can help lose fat easily with a rapid speed in this article 1) Cardio Cardiovascular training is one of the […]

soybean best protein source for vegetarians

Introduction Soybean is one of the highest protein content vegetarian food available. Many people prefer to eat soybean to fulfill their protein requirement for muscle building. But there are so many rumors and concerns regarding soybean and its protein, let’s understand soybean and its pros and cons. Weak BCAA Profile When protein breaks down in […]