Why am I going gym?

why am i going gym


A person decided to go gym regularly after taking New Year’s resolution for it. But after few day’s of going gym regularly, a question arises in his mind – “Why am I going gym?” The reason behind this is when ever he goes to gym, he got see same faces, same exercises, same workout environment and the vision of New Year’s resolution is also fading.

Let’s talk about the solution of this problem in detail, How to keep going gym regularly without any trouble.

First of all, let’s talk about motto for going gym.

Motto for going gym

1) General health and fitness –

So many people want to remain healthy for their whole life and choose gym for this purpose. Going gym has so many health benefits like –

a) Maintained muscle mass
b) Strong bones
c) Healthy skin and hairs
d) Proper blood circulation
e) Improves immune system
f) Improved Confidence.

These are few of the benefits you get by going gym (Remember, gym can deliver all these benefits only when you provide proper nutrition and sleep as well).

2) Fat loss –

Because of so many responsibilities, work pressure, tension, and some times laziness, people get some extra fat accumulated on their body. Gym can definitely help them in loosing those extra kilos. This can be one of the reasons to go gym.

3) Weight Gain –

Some people come to gym for gain some weight. And gym can definitely deliver that to them in form of mainly muscles. But it’s better to gain 20% fats as well for better body if you are too skinny.

4) Muscle building –

This is more favorable reason to come gym and gym is the only way to achieve this goal. As in gym your body gets the opportunity to train all muscles equally which is not possible in any sports or activity.

5) Bodybuilding, weightlifting, Power lifting etc –

This is the most extreme form of training in gym. It requires lot of dedication, hard work, and many more things. But the results are also outstanding. In my opinion, if you stand in a crowd of 10000 people, there is 95% chance that you are the only bodybuilder with an amazing physique.

How to prepare your self for going gym?

Let me give you a strange but truly working solution. For example, when you wakeup in morning, you brush your teeth, but have you planed brushing your teeth last night? The answer is NO. So how it happened? Because we know, it will keep our teeth healthy, so our mind doesn’t need to do any effort to keep this thing in mind to brush teeth regularly.

In the same way, when you come back to home in evening (or if you go gym in morning), don’t think about why am I going gym. Because the answer is very simple – To keep yourself healthy, that’s why you have joined gym, just ready your gym bag without thinking about anything and go to gym regularly for few months. And after few months, the change in your body will encourage you to go gym and you will always love to go there. But for this, you have to be regular in gym for few months without any reason in mind.


It’s not difficult to go gym regularly, just by applying above simple trick, you can keep going gym forever.

Keep going to the gym long after the New Year’s crowd has quit

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