Budget Bodybuilding – No more holes in pocket

budget bodybuilding no more holes in pocket


Bodybuilding is a very expensive sport, more muscles you gain, more money is needed. But every person is not rich enough to purchase huge amount of supplements and afford expensive gyms. In this article, we are going to discuss bodybuilding in small budget, we will call him as budget bodybuilding.

Note: Supplements are specially processed from raw foods, so they will be one step ahead, but with more consistency, hard work, determination, up to a level we can compete with them with minimum set of supplements with budget bodybuilding.

Choose whey concentrate over other form of whey

Their are 3 types of whey protein based on filtration level with different absorption rate –

  1. Whey concentrate
  2. Whey isolate
  3. Hydrolyze whey

Higher level of filtration and processing doesn’t convert whey into super whey, it causes easier absorption, removal of lactose and removal of other impurities (which are harmless). As we are on a budget bodybuilding mission, your best bet will be whey concentrate as it cost nearly half price than hydrolysate and provides continuous protein synthesis for longer duration which produces longer anabolism (condition in which body grows) which is best choice for budget bodybuilding.

Never buy carbohydrates from market

I have seen people purchasing carbohydrate powders, weight gainers with huge serving of carbohydrates for gaining weight or to fulfill their carbohydrate requirements. Do we really need to purchase them from market, specially when we are talking about budget bodybuilding? The answer is no! Enter your kitchen, you will find super energetic high quality complex carbohydrates around you at very low prices. Some of my favorite carbohydrate sources are –

  1. Sweet potato
  2. Potato
  3. Wheat
  4. Oats etc

Note: Order doesn’t show importance.

Don’t try to measure them less then any carbohydrate supplement available in market. Have you ever wondered from where these weight gainer supplements get their carbohydrates from? Think….

Purchase bulk supplements

I have seen people purchasing 1 kg, 500 gm or even 250 gm container of a supplement and when that container finishes then they purchase one more and so on. An internal feeling comes in my mind when I see someone doing such thing and like to share with you people, put some water into the supplement container, shake it well and drink it!

Only question I like to ask from you people is why to buy 250 gm supplement container when you have a 10 lbs (4.5 kg) supplement container which is available in market at 40% LESS COST because of bulk purchase of same supplement (example taken from a best selling supplement). Be smart, buy in bulk.

Prefer unprocessed food over expensive supplement

Today’s supplement market is full of products like tasty oats, protein bars, liquid protein etc which are specially processed for your ease, for your taste buds, or to save time. Extra processing of products as in the example given doesn’t make it more nutritious at all and when you think of budget bodybuilding, its better to keep your self away from such products by compromising on taste, putting efforts to prepare supplement ready to eat by yourself.

Keep yourself away from over training

Over training occurs when their is an imbalance in your equation of diet, exercise and rest. People with big budget for supplements can overcome overtraining up to a limit with extra recovery supplements like glutamine, multivitamin etc but for budget bodybuilding, its better to be safe by keeping your self a little away from boundary of overtraining. If you can afford glutamine, bcaa etc for competition season only, use them as they definitely give your body a winning edge.

Choose a budget gym

When you are on budget bodybuilding, joining a gym which costs Rs. 3000-4000 per month just for a reason that they have more machines, AC for extra comfort etc will not be a smart idea. Prefer a gym which costs less and fulfill all your basic needs to save money as that will not affect your budget for diet. Read my article for choosing a right gym for yourself.

Don’t run behind big brand names

A brand is made after serving quality service for years, and after becoming the brand, for sure they will charge you a little more for the brand name and quality service they provide but as we are talking about budget bodybuilding, you can also go with the upcoming brands (who are trying to be a brand) as they will charge you less and also provide good quality product.


I also did budget bodybuilding for many years when I was in college and only income source was my pocket money and need to manage my bodybuilding in it, that’s why I am able to write this article, hope this will help others also. But even you are earning money on your own like I am doing a job right now, you know how precious money is, so let’s save money with budget bodybuilding.

When you save money from somewhere then only you can invest it somewhere else.