Rising from the downfall

raising from the downfall


Life is journey which is full of ups and down similar to sea waves. Even the richest or poorest have ups and downs in their life.

This article is about the down part of life and how to overcome it. As this is a bodybuilding and fitness website, I will like to focus on ups and down inside the gym.

I decided to write this article when I met a road Accident because of which I was unable to go gym for a period of 1/2 year. I also decided that I will only start writing this article after making a successful comeback, So I did it by regaining 8 to 10 kg lost muscle within 2.5 months. I learned many good things during this comeback and will also sharing them in this article.

The downfall

Fitness freaks like you and me like to go gym everyday, like to train hard as hard we can, like to pump muscles as they are going to burst anytime soon for our whole life.

But think if we are unable to do this for few months, a year or more. We will definitely loose the hard earned muscles. This is the stage that I call as the downfall.

Reasons for downfall

Their are many reasons but I will like to mention some of them that I guess most of us face in day to day life, they are –

a) Exams
b) Illness
c) Injuries
d) Relocate to some other place
e) Family responsibilities and many more…

Think about above mentioned points, their is no escape to them, they will happen and we can only limit the number of time their occur in our life.

During the downfall

Its better to concentrate on the reasons for which you have taken a break like your exams or other reasons and try to finish them successfully.

Never think about the shrinking muscles, reducing weights, its better to keep yourself away from weight machines and mirrors but not away from healthy food. You can lower your calorie intake and also your protein intake during this time.

The comeback

This is the main point for which I have written this article.

When you make a comeback in gym, things will be a little different because now you are weak and light weight. You will see some strange activities around you inside the gym, some people will showcase their strength in front of you by doing the exercise with heavier weights that you are doing. Now question arises why they do it? Reason is :- Unknowingly you made them feel very low some day by lifting crazy heavy weights in front of them and now they just want the feeling of happiness by lifting heavier weights than you, also these innocent people think that lifting very heavy weights will build more muscle, hope they will get to know the truth soon.

You have to face points discussed above, Now let’s discuss what you have to do. Follow below points to make a successful comeback :-

a) Don’t try to compete with these guys, just focus on your training, you will be better than them within few weeks, keep patients.
b) Don’t be in hurry, give some time to your body, the most happy thing of a comeback is atleast you will be able to develop the same physique that you have before downfall with ease.
c) You have a chance to reanalyze your training methods, its an golden opportunity for you to rethink about exercise you choose, angle, repetitions etc.

I personally observed that now I am lifting weights in much controlled manner after comeback which allow me to stimulate more muscle growth than last time.

d) A comeback is also an opportunity to correct muscular imbalance and week body parts, they should be addressed with higher priority, after-all our aim is to build a better and balanced physique.


A comeback make you mentally stronger and more confident, teaches new things, allow to build more muscles, looks like everything happens is good for you, isn’t it?

“Do make a comeback,
People become better than last time.”