Let’s welcome the brand new www.kishantiwari.com

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It’s over a decade when I first made the older version of this website by myself, I was around 20-21 years old at that time, now when I look at my site, it looks bit childish to me but now I got some time to work on improving it and here I am with a newer version of the website which is easy to manage and update for me and looks more professional, I haven’t updated content over a year and that’s a bad thing, but this site is so easy to update that I can even post from my mobile device so will keep updating it, to remain connected to the site, do subscribe to my email list.

I will also remain more active on social media too as they are an easy platform for content sharing too.

What started as a passion is now moving towards professionalism and this is one of the change that time demands, so enjoy the new website and share your views and ideas with me on improving this site further….