Nagpur Shree 2011

With the pounding high decibel music musclemen standing on the stage before the audience near to 2000 in strength, Kishan Tiwari of Nagpur District won Mr. Nagpur (Champion of Champions Trophy). He also grabbed 1st prize in his weight group.

There were 3 weight groups viz. up to 60 kg, up to 70 kg and 70 kg and above. The Mr. Nagpur bodybuilding competition was organized on 14th of August 2011 at Umrer, 50 kms from Nagpur. The competition was organized by “Navakranti Group” of Umrer. Venue was the busiest place of Umrer.

Along with the bodybuilding competition there was also show of some cultural activities etc. The most amazing part of the competition was the “AUDIENCE”. The audience of the Umrer was just awesome. They were cheering for everyone standing on the stage. Not only the ground was full but the balconies and the roofs of the buildings were full. Everyone wanted to see the musclemen.

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